To better serve you, Aviva Dental uses state of the art technologies.

Our Dental Technologies

Happy gas

happy-gasEvery visit should be easy to cope with. One of the tools we find useful is happy gas (nitrous oxide). The nitrous oxide used is at a much lower level than in emergency departments and labour wards, therefore most people find it a pleasant experience. This makes it useful with more complex treatments. It is very safe and you can drive home after.

Phillips Zoom whitening

philips zoom makersWe find that as the pace of life increases, most people do not have enough hours in the day. Our new Phillips Zoom Whitespeed whitening system offers another option to get that fresh smile faster and simpler than you normally would with the traditional "take home" method.

In-built ceiling TV

in-ceiling-tvAt Aviva Dental, you don't have to stare at the blank ceiling. With our in-built ceiling plasma TV, you can lie back and enjoy a various selection of serene images during your visit.

Electronic instrument tracking

sterilisation-room-technologiesWe use the latest computer driven Class B sterilizing equipment because we take infection control seriously. Instruments are electronically tracked so that we can ensure your visit is safe.

Digital imaging

complete-mouth-digital-imagingIt's not possible to do great dentistry without good information. To help achieve this we use digital imaging technology.

The digital x-rays systems we use are safer, higher definition and faster than traditional systems. In addition to in-mouth x-rays we also have the facility of full mouth OPG imaging on-site.

Our intraoral camera keeps you in the picture by giving you a "dentist's" view of what's going on.

Apex locator and rotary endodontic system

apex-locatorThe success rate on any endodontic treatment is related to how well the tooth is cleaned. Electronic apex locating and rotary endodontic systems are methods we use to help achieve this.

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Look no further. Aviva Dental is situated on the river end of Pakington Street in Geelong.

There is free on-street parking on Pakington Street and Marshall Street and a free parking lot situated off Russell Street (behind Winter’s Café).

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