We offer a full range of family and implant dental care from our state of the art surgery.

Our Dental Treatments


preventionThe main issues with teeth are dental decay (caries), gum issues (periodontal problems) and excessive wear and tear (parafunction). The key to hanging on to your teeth is having the information to prevent these problems. It surprises us that this information is generally not well known amongst the population.

Early detection of problems is important because with teeth, once you have a problem, it's often too late and the fix is major. This is done with visual inspection and with the help of x-rays. That is why routine check ups at Aviva Dental are a healthier, more cost effective and easier way to look after your teeth.

Replacing missing teeth

short-dental-implant-crownMissing teeth can affect your smile, destabilise surrounding teeth and put more stress on remaining teeth as well as leaving you with too few teeth to chew with. At Aviva Dental we offer a full range of methods to replace missing teeth. The options for these may involve implants, bridges or dentures.

At Aviva Dental for implant treatment, Krishna will see you from start to finish for the assessment, surgery and prosthetics.

Astra tech implants used at Aviva Dental employ three of the latest technologies to reduce bone loss around the implant. These include platform switching, internal high friction connections and a polished collar.


whitening-zoomWe like the fresh smile that our whitening system produces because it does not damage teeth unlike other treatment alternatives. We offer both the Phillips Zoom Whitespeed in chair whitening or a take home whitening system. Talk to us at Aviva Dental to discuss which treatment suits you best.

Children's dentistry

childrenWe think good dental habits start at a young age. It is important that dental visits are started early with a focus on prevention and if things do go off the rails, we feel it should be managed early and comfortably. This produces confident and happy young patients with great smiles. "Happy gas" is a useful facility also available for our young patients.

Root Fillings

root-filingsIn some cases, the damage to a tooth from extensive decay, previous nerve damage or a knock may cause the tooth to abscess. Root fillings are a method to preserve the tooth and it is simpler and healthier to do this where possible rather than replacing a tooth.

At Aviva Dental, this is a routine treatment for which we use the latest rotary instruments, apex locaters and digital low dose x-rays.

Looking for a Dentist in Geelong?

Look no further. Aviva Dental is situated on the river end of Pakington Street in Geelong.

There is free on-street parking on Pakington Street and Marshall Street and a free parking lot situated off Russell Street (behind Winter’s Café).

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